Novo Layout + Gif 's Bleach .

Olá meus anjinhos , mudei de Lay , gostaram ? Espero que sim , e também espero que eu fique mais tempo com esse (risos) . E como meu Lay foi inspirado no anime Bleach , irei postar alguns gifs desse anime que encontrei no Tumblr para vocês . Enjoy !
"Rukia é aquela que mudou meu mundo"
Que Lindex cara *--* 
São lindos néh ?  
Minha Fofis --> 
Rukia: Ei, não faça essa cara triste. Mesmo que você não possa me ver, eu ainda vou ser capaz de vê-lo.
Ichigo: O que há com isso? Isso não me faz feliz. E eu não estou fazendo uma cara triste também!


 Rukia: Nós somos amigos. Certo?
Ichigo: Sim. Somos.

Alguém já chegou nessa parte do Anime ? Eu ainda não :( . 

 ...E o Ichigo sempre com a mesma cara '-'
 O amor é Lindo ...

Has anyone picked up on this? Yes? No? Either way, let me tell you how achingly beautiful I find this scene, not that fellow IchiRuki shippers can hear me from the roar of their flailing and all their raging emotions whenever Farewell Swords is brought into discussion. 
DO YOU KNOW WHAT HURTS ABOUT THIS SCENE THE MOST? It’s not the fact that they are both looking away from each other, avoiding each other’s gazes. No. It’s not that. It’s the fact that Rukia has her arms folded and Ichigo has his hands shoved into his pockets, that makes my heart bleed like there’s no tomorrow.
It’s like, they both want to hold on or reach out to each other or simply never let go, but they both know better than that. He has a life he cannot left behind and so does she. But then again, there is fear that this could be the last time and the silence hovers above them as they come into terms with this possibility. 
Rukia stays still and reminds herself a hundred, a thousand times that she can still see him even if he can’t. And Ichigo, feigning half annoyance and half indifference, thinks back to his dad being a Shinigami, Aizen and goddammit the many wounds that have yet to kill him, and realises that nothing is ever impossible in this world.
He is Ichigo and she is Rukia and there can never be a last time between them. 
So Ichigo finally looks at her, hands gripped tight, still shoved inside his pockets. Just one look, one look.And she does, struggling to stay unmoving like him.“Later, Rukia.”

This is so totally going to that IchiRuki angsty one shot I’m working on. 
  Uma imagem só para descansar os olhos ...
Cara que gif mais Lindo *.*
Que Lindo cara , eles tem que namorar ♥

Meu deus cara , isso é tão romântico *--*

“An invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle but will never break.”
Era para ser só gif né Jéssica , uf '
The Rukia is my soulmate
Só para descontrair um pouquinho , aliás , quem tem Tumblr me segue ? Eu sou a descontraid4 , sigo todos de volta ...

When we look each other in the eye, the curtain opens on this storyline Yeah, yeah, yeah… Meetings and partings are a matched set Yeah, yeah, yeah… Time stops, and even if I’m not with you I’m alright, I try to be strong But without you by my side, my heart aches Just wonderin’ if you feel the same Seriously, I just want to know if you feel the same Just spinning my heels, ain’t nobody But don’t be scared, just loosen the reins To get freedom, let go… I’m tellin’ you The ego is the heart’s terror… 

lyrics: m-flo loves yoshika - let go [lyrics from this page]
When we look each other in the eye, the curtain opens on this storyline 
Yeah, yeah, yeah… 
Meetings and partings are a matched set 
Yeah, yeah, yeah… 
Time stops, and even if I’m not with you 
I’m alright, I try to be strong 
But without you by my side, my heart aches 
Just wonderin’ if you feel the same 
Seriously, I just want to know if you feel the same 
Just spinning my heels, ain’t nobody 
But don’t be scared, just loosen the reins 
To get freedom, let go… I’m tellin’ you 
The ego is the heart’s terror… 
“Ever has it been that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation.”
-from The Prophet, by Kahlil Gibran 
“See you, Rukia…thank you.”
さよなら、thank you for power of love…

“My voice changes into wind
Because, I no longer need any word
You can still hear me, don’t you?
Goodbye, thank you for power of love…”
-Your Heaven, by YUI

“Thank you.”



“And I think, maybe, ‘thank you’ are sadder words than ‘goodbye’.”
-Heavenly Days, by Aragaki Yui
Ok , o post chegou ao fim , comentem e me respondam  -- > "Com quem você acha que o Ichigo deve Ficar , Rukia ou Orihime  ? " . Bom , tenho certeza que todos já viram com quem eu quero que ele fique . Até a próxima meus Baby's .

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  1. Olá Jéssica
    Amei os posts!!! Muito lindos mesmo!
    Também queria muito que ele ficasse com a Rukia :)

  2. Olá Jéssica
    Amei muito os posts; lindos mesmo!!!
    Também queria que ele ficasse com a Rukia <3, de verdade


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